Research Seminar on Wireless and Mobile Systems, Spring 2009
Date Presenter Email Paper
January 23 Guokai Zeng zengguok at Multicast Algorithms for Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks, ICNP 2007
February 6 Yang Yang yangyang5 at Integrating Traffic Estimation and Routing Optimization for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks, Infocom 2008
February 13 Fernando J. Cintron cintrong at Energy Balancing Hopping Sensor Network Model to Maximize Coverage
February 20 Sohraab Soltani soltanis at On Link-Layer Reliability and Stability for Wireless Communication, MOBICOM 2008
February 27 Kumar Pongaliur pongaliu at CHEMAS: Identify suspect nodes in selective forwarding attacks, J.PDC 2007
March 6 Bo Wang wangbo1 at Rate Allocation and QoS Support in Wireless Mesh Networks
March 20 Dr. Guoliang Xing glxing at Recent work on Sensing Coverage
March 27 Pei Huang huangpe3 at Receiver-Centric Data Transmission Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
April 3 Yuanteng (Jeff) Pei peiyuant at Efficient Channel-aware Rate Adaptation in Dynamic Environments
April 24 Jun Huang huangjun at
May 1 Moonseong Kim mkim at On Research Issues and Implementations for Wireless Sensor Networks