Resource Allocation and QoS Support in Wireless Mesh Networks
Wireless mesh networking (WMN) is an emerging technology that uses wireless multi-hop networking to provide a cost-efficient way for community or enterprise users to have broadband Internet access and share network resources. Wireless mesh network contains mesh routers and mesh clients. Several wireless mesh routers connected through wireless links form the multi-hop backbone of the network. Mesh routers have limited mobility and some of them have wired Internet connections, which become Internet gateways. Mesh clients connect to mesh routers to access the Internet and share network resources among themselves.

Figure: A mesh network scenario (Figure from

Real-time multimedia applications, such as VoIP and IPTV become more and more popular. Supporting real-time applications becomes essential for the wide deployment of the wireless mesh networks. My research focus is resource allocation and QoS support in IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 wireless mesh networks. My research topics include "QoS-aware rate allocation in 802.11 wireless mesh networks", "Path selection for mobile stations in WiMAX mesh networks", "Multicast support in wireless mesh networks", etc. These topics span several layers of the ISO/OSI network model, such as application, transport, routing and medium access control.

  • Bo Wang and Matt Mutka, QoS-Aware Fair Rate Allocation in Wireless Mesh Networks, Computer Communication.